About Dr. Hobbins

Dr. Hobbins graduated from Stanford University where she received a B.A. in Philosophy and Religious Studies and a B.S. in Biological Sciences.  She received her M.D. from Harvard Medical School where she first found her passion for psychiatry.  She did her residency training at the University of California, San Francisco in Adult Psychiatry where she was trained in psychodynamic psychotherapy as well as psychopharmacology.  She completed a child psychiatry fellowship at the University of California, San Francisco where she was trained in diagnostic evaluation of children, play therapy, family therapy, parent management therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, school consultation and medication management for children.   She has been in private practice in adult and child psychiatry in Pittsburgh, PA since 2010.  She is a graduate of the International Psychotherapy Institute in Washington, D.C. where she completed a 2 year training program in object relations psychotherapy for children and adults (2015-20017).  Dr. Hobbins has been a member of the the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry since 2003.

Licenses, Board Certifications

2001                     Medical licensure, California
2006-2016        Board Certification, Psychiatry
2007-2017        Board Certification, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
2010                     Medical licensure, Pennsylvania

Honors and Awards

2001                     Intern of the Year Award, UCSF Department of Psychiatry
2005                    Child Psychiatry Award, UCSF Department of Psychiatry

Areas of Interest and Expertise

child psychiatry, family psychotherapy, adolescent psychotherapy, play therapy, adult psychotherapy, object relations psychotherapy, attachment theory, couples counseling, medication management, women’s mental health, parent management training, sibling psychotherapy, medical education.